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The First of Many: The Juventus Offside Podcast Debuts

I am delighted to announce the creation of the Juventus Offside podcast, possibly the first podcast in the English-language to focus on Juventus, and one of the few discussing Serie A in general. I'm joined by Serie A veterans Adam Digby and Marco Pantanella. In this first episode, we discuss the mercato, the defeat to Bari, and the Vinovo/injury situation. We'll be generally making them Sunday afternoons/evenings after the game, to recap and discuss the week ahead, perfect to listen at Monday morning in the office. (Or class!) At some point, we'll be getting it on iTunes but for now I'll be posting episodes on here and over at our (perhaps temporary) free hosting site, and their RSS feed is located here.

(Download/listen here on ZShare)
(Download on MediaFire)

Criticism is always welcome, whether here in the comments section or you can email us at juveshow [at] gmail (dot) com. We're looking for feedback, thoughts, suggestions, anything, including a new name for the podcast. We'll be putting it as a separate podcast, whoever suggests the winning idea will get a free plug from us and a big thank you. We'll also be soliciting questions and thoughts for debate (again, email us at juveshow [at] gmail (dot) com), and in the future, may feature some additional hosts/guests via Skype call-in.

Hope you all enjoy it, and let us know what's on your mind.

EDIT: Evidently in 4-5 hours, we exceeded the monthly bandwidth allocation from Podbean! You can still listen to it online with ZShare, or download it via ZShare or Mediafire to your computers/iPod/smartphone/etc.