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PotD: How the Hell did I Get Here?

And how the hell do I stay?

Italy and Juve's history and futures are inextricably linked, it seems. When Juventus wins, Italy wins. When Juventus concede record amount of goals and lose every game, so does Italy. Evidently, Pepe's strange inclusion into the Nazionale, under 2 coaches now, meant he had to come to Juventus. And now, both Juventus and Italy are stuck with him playing just terrible, as he did today against Estonia, of all teams.

My conclusion on Pepe is this- Italy is so desperate for a naturally wide player, that he has gone from Palermo bench player to Juventus and Italy regular. Apparently no coach has ever tried to convert him into a fullback (as many young wingers in Italy are) and thus, he is the only "mature-age" winger we have. Seems Italy and Juve may have been a bit hasty in getting rid of a certain pot-smoking Italo-Argie creative winger this summer...