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VotD: What He's Capable Of

The definition of "YouTube comp with questionable music."

Claudio Marchisio has put to rest any doubts about his future by saying that he only wants Juventus. The 24-year-old midfielder has yet to agree a new contract in Turin amid interest from Inter. Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Marchisio said: “There has never been a contract problem and there is no hurry on my part. Eventually we'll talk about an adjustment, certainly not a extension. I am not fed up with Juve. I am not looking for another experience. And I'm angry because things have come out that aren't true.”

When asked if he regretted writing that he was worried about his future on Facebook, Marchisio replied: “I might have made a mistake in writing that phrase, but Facebook is only an instrument to stay in touch with the fans. I repeat: I want to go and meet the club and stay here because I am very tied to Juventus. And I know that Juve are tied to me.”

Marchisio then turned his attention to Juventus' start to the season and Gigi Del Neri's belief that his side isn't a title contender. “He wanted to motivate us to show our qualities. Aside from Inter, only time will tell who is Scudetto material. But everyone has changed a lot. We need to work and improve. We are a strong team, but we must show it in every game. The Europa League is a very important competition with spectacular games: there is Man City in our group… we will give our maximum.