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VotD: Krasic v. Sampdoria

Krasic had a hand in two of Juventus' three goals, but missed a clear-cut opportunity to get on the scoresheet. “I am satisfied with my performance,” he said. “But I can still do better. I managed to set up some important moves, but I am only at 70 per cent of my ability. I think that in one or two games' time I could be at the peak of my physical condition. I am not happy with my dribbling. I didn't manage to beat my man like I know how to and like I must do. This is my specialty."

That's 70% of his ability? Good god, I can't wait. Even more pumped that he isn't satisfied with a "good" game, but wants to deliver more.

Milos M*****f***ing Krasic, ladies and gentlemen.