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17 Reasons to Celebrate

Tomorrow's game against Sampdoria marks a milestone. Del Piero will make his home season debut, 17 years to the day after his debut in Serie A, September 12th, 1993 against Foggia. He substituted on 15 minutes from the end of the game for Fabrizio Ravanelli. To celebrate, ADP posted a beautiful, beautiful list of 17 reasons to celebrate on his official website which I have posted below.

17 years have passed since my debut in Serie A in the Juventus jersey. Here are 17 reasons to celebrate this “birthday”, 17 reasons (chosen from a thousand others) that make it worth being part of this long history.

17) To put on a black and white jersey for the first time, a real one and not the one bought at the market stall...

16) To put the jersey on for the second, third, fourth, six hundred thirty seventh time and...

15)To listen to the fans cheering :"I'll never get tired of you, I'll be always by your side, you are the most beautiful thing that exists… Alessandro Del Piero olè" (the music of “La Stangata” soundtrack, words written by the Juventus die-hard supporters).

14) For the anger, for tears. After a defeat, after an injury. After "the injury": the 8th of November 1998. It has changed me, it has improved me.

13) To experienced in the first person the following conversation: "Good morning Alessandro, how are you? Are you awake?". "No. To tell you the truth I was sleeping". "Good, then it's time for you to wake up." It was six o'clock in the morning and the person who called was Avvocato.

12) To follow with my eyes the long distance kick from Alessandro Orlando, then, stop watching it and instinctively go for it kick it with my right foot and place it under seven o'clock position, over the goal keeper: the 4th of December 1994, from 0-2 to 3-2, with my goal that triggered the recovery.

11) To score the goal that was worth the Champions of the World for football club title: the 26th of November 1996, in Tokyo, 1-0, at the 82nd minute against River Plate.

10) For my jersey. I earned it hard. I've never left it. My name is on it, only mine, since the time named jerseys exsist... I came at the right moment!

9) To play with Antonio, Gianluca, Roberto, Moreno, Fabrizio, Michelangelo, Ciro, Angelo, Giancarlo, Andrea, Dino, Sergio, Jurgen, Paulo, Didier, Zinedine, Filippo, David, Nicola, Massimo, Alessio, Luca, Vladimir, Attilio, Pietro, Christian, Alen, Raffaele, Michele, Edgar, Fabio, Zlatan, Puma, Patrick, Manuel, Mauro, Marcelo, Mark, Igor, Lilian, Gigi, Pavel, Paolo, Stephen, Claudio, Jonathan, Emanuele, Giorgio, Diego, Ama, Cristiano, Alexander, Hasan, Zdenek, Vincenzo, Cristian, Momo, Sebastian, Alberto, Simone and all the others...

#8- For the 5th of May 2002.

7) For 29 scudetti.

6) For all the Cups.

5) To score the goal number 200 with Juventus. To score it against Frosinone. And to be proud to have scored against Frosinone in serie B.

4) For Gaetano Scirea, for all he means, for Juventus and for those who love football.

3) For Giampiero Boniperti, for what he represents, for Juventus and for me.

2) For the reason of never forgetting my roots. And thanks to whom I got to this point.

1) For the yesterday and today Juventus. Above all for the Juventus of tomorrow.