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Leader! Leader! Batman!

Melo Batman

Late last week Dunga, the ex-Brazil head coach, had this to say about one of the most controversial signings of the Secco era:

"Felipe is a champion. He tackles, gives rhythm and plays the ball well. I would always like to have him in my midfield," the coach told Tuttosport. "There is no need to forgive him. Anyone can make mistakes. He's a lad who needs to be made to understand. It's right to speak to him a lot. Del Neri can be calm. Melo will be the real great signing of this new Juventus. If he feels confident, he becomes super. Last year it wasn't like this: You saw him play at 60 per cent of his potential."

Then earlier today, Del Neri had this to say about the leadership situation in our team:

"Is there are leader in this group? From what I have seen in these first few months I say Melo is the leader," Del Neri told Tuttosport. "I have no complaints about him. He jokes in the dressing room and he is doing really well. Who is Melo's ideal partner? I would say all of our players can co-exist in the midfield."

Seriously? Felipe “fuck you tifosi” Melo a leader? I almost chocked on my focaccia after reading the news. Look, we all joke around the locker room, hell I’ve even twirled a few wet towels and snapped some ass cheeks in my day, but a leader must surely stand for something more. Somewhere out there Chiellini is dissapointed.

But there’s a good chance Delneri was just trying to big him up ahead of Sunday’s much talked about game against Sampdoria. For Juventus, Melo must have an error-free outing especially if Aquilani is going to get his feet wet for the first time. In other team news, Claudio Marchisio has reportedly recovered from his injury in time, as well as Iaquinta, who might even start although it’s very unlikely he’ll last the 90 minutes, even though we have no other prima punta that’s even close to healthy.

On the other side of the ball, the young and promising Andrea Poli won’t be featured on Sunday, whilst Cassano’s partner in crime Giampaolo Pazzo might be available by game time despite an acute back pain. Di Carlo’s Sampdoria will be a great test for Delneri’s men, and to the victor go the bragging rights. Somewhere out there Marotta and Paratici have their fingers crossed.