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Officially Official: Camoranesi and Z3BINA have left the building



Juventus Football Club has announced the consensual rescinding of the contract of footballer Mauro German Camoranesi.

When football is an art

Just like an Argentine tango, made of rhythm, improvisation and passion: this is the football of Mauro German Camoranesi, the football which the Juventus supporters admired and loved for 8 seasons during which “Camo” delighted them with his class and fantasy. 288 appearances with Juventus and 32 goals scored and many more goals which he helped his mates score thanks to his precise crosses, assists and his intuitions which would have been science fiction to others but which for him were just one of the many solutions available within his immense technical baggage.

Three scudetti and 2 Italian Super Cups: these are the trophies he won in bianconero besides a Serie B championship which Mauro accepted to take part in notwithstanding the title of World Champion which he had just won in Berlin with the Italian national team which he was eligible for thanks to a great grandfather who emigrated to Argentina from Pro Potenza Picena at the end of the 1800s. Joyful and available with his team mates, reserved and well spoken with the media, Mauro was never the diva type and never liked to make big statements or public appearances. He always preferred to let his dribbling and his velvet like right-footed shot to speak for him. It will now be the turn of other stadiums to appreciate his right-footed shot but whoever loves Juve will always remember him with affection and gratitude.

Compared with:

Zebina’s contract rescinded
Juventus Football Club has announced that the contract of footballer Jonathan Zebina has been consensually rescinded

Rather different tributes, eh. And thus it will also be on the Juventus Offside. A tribute to the great Mauro Camoranesi will come up later, who has left for Stuttgart. Not sure whether trashing or silence is deserved for Zebina.

Grazie, Mauro. In bocca al lupo.