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Gel? Who Needs Time To Gel?

The way this year’s team has been built so close to the beginning of the season, is kind of like playing an intense game of football, without stretching beforehand. Only good things can come from it. Tonight, Juventus travel to the San Nicola stadium where more than 50,000 tickets have been sold ahead of this one. Rest assured not all of them will be concerned with how well our side performs like a certain someone who frequently co-authors this blog.

Del Neri’s Juventus boasts a new-look defense, a new-look midfield, and a new-look attack. The starting line-up will most likely consist of Storari in net; Motta, the ex-Galletti Bonucci, Chiellini, and De Ceglie in defense; Pepe, Melo, Marchisio, and Krasic!!!!!!! in midfield; with Del Piero and Fab Quags in attack. Martinez starts from the bench just in case Luigi needs an option upfront, alongside Lanzafame and Aquilani. Apparently, our coach is already convinced his side is of the Juventus standard of old.

“This will be a season of Juventus standard. I think Juventus have the characteristics of pace and quality that matter in modern football,” said the new Coach. “It’s not easy to say what we are targeting exactly right now, but I can say for certain that this will be a season of Juventus standard.”

Those are some big words Luigi. In fact, there’s been a four year moratorium of the term ‘La Grande Juve’ here at the Juventus Offside until us tifosi see consistent displays of perfection. Meanwhile, Ventura does well to take a more pragmatic approach.

“It is a different game compared to last season and the atmosphere has changed,” said the Coach. “A year ago we were a newly-promoted side preparing to face Serie A. Now I want the team to remember that adrenaline, hard work, humility and readiness for the challenge. I’d like to rediscover what I left behind in May: a squad that knew it could achieve anything if it believed in itself.”

“I am looking for a real Bari performance against Juventus. We’ve got to do the things we’re good at, so then we can challenge anyone. It all depends on us; we’re in control of our fate. It is their duty to win and be protagonists. So far they have won all their official games this summer and have a squad almost entirely comprised of World Cup participants.”

Probable line-ups (4-4-2): Gillet, Raggi, A. Masiello, M. Rossi, S. Masiello; Alvarez, Gazzi, Almiron, Ghezzal; Barreto, Kutozov. Romero is unavailable but the others are fit for selection.

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