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Officially Official: Fabio Quagliarella is a Juventus player


Quagliarella is a Juventus player
Juventus Football Club S.p.A. announces that the agreement with S.S.C. Napoli S.p.A. for the temporary acquisition of the registration rights of the player Fabio Quagliarella has been reached. The consideration for the loan is € 4.5 million, already paid. The agreement also includes the option right, to be exercised at the end of the 2010/2011 season, for the definitive acquisition of the football player by Juventus at a price of € 10.5 million, to be paid in three years.

Greeting the Juventus fans in Torino

Quagliarella- "I thank Napoli....the technical staff, the team, for this season that I lived as a protagonist. And I salute all the NApoli fans, who will understand that this decision was taken together, in the interests of everyone."

So Quagliarella, the Prodigal Son who returned home last summer to massive expectations, only spends one rather disappointing year at the San Paolo before moving up north to Torino. The arrival of Cavani (in virtually the same way, an expensive loan with a right to buy next summer) perhaps unsettled him, and ultimately, it seems some feud with Mazzarri convinced him to take up Juve's interest. Ex-Napoli Director Pasquale Marino put it this way- "Quagliarella? It's a difficult situation. Cavani and him are very similar, everyone asked how he'd have played as Napoli. Mazzarri and Quagliarella recently have had problems, however I understand that it's a painful sale for all. Fabio signed with me and was very happy, I don't know what happened since. "

Just one year ago...

Is Quagliarella the right move? Obviously, I think swapping him for Diego is a very poor decision. (So does If we ignore the Diego section of the trade, as Marotta clearly wanted him out, is Quagliarella the right option? Of the options available on the market, I would say he's a decent pickup. I think he's definitely a better choice than Di Natale, who is perhaps more prolific but significantly older. (32 v. 27) Personally, I have always liked Quagliarella a lot. He's a very explosive player, he reminds me of Diego Forlan in that he is a very well rounded forward and absolutely deadly from outside the 18. The chief problem with Quagliarella is his inconsistency, he very much blows hot or cold. And the eternal question...can he cut it at Juve? It seemed last year the pressure at Napoli got to him. He was one of the few Italian players to come out of the World Cup disaster with his reputation intact. After Italy's forwards squandered chance after chance, Quagliarella came on against Slovakia and in the brief time he was on, scored this delicious chip and scored another goal cancelled for offside.

All of Quagliarella's goals at Sampdoria, the year he really exploded

The things I do like about Quagliarella's signing is that it sort of gives us an X-factor. Too often last year and in preseason, we have looked rather predictable. Quagliarella is a very versatile forward, he's traditionally thought of as a seconda punta, although he possesses many traits of a prima punta. He's pretty decent in the air, given his height, he scored a couple goals with his head and causes issues in the box, ie- his goal against Switzerland before the World Cup. So, while I am still disappointed we have sold Diego, I am ready to put the past behind and welcome another player who could make his mark in ItalJuve. (Scored 2 out-of-the-box goals in Euro 2008 qualifying also) Benvenuto, Quagliarella!

And as an FYI for all English commentators out you go.