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The End of All Things Holy

Rumors in Italy are that Juventus have reached an agreement with Inter for Nicolas Burdisso, an error-prone moron who is coming off a decent year in Italy. Roma has been low-balling Inter, hoping for Burdisso's desire to go to Rome to outweigh Inter's desire for cash. Thus far, it hasn't happened. The stories allege that Juve have offered 8million and it has been accepted by Juventus.

Schooled by the great King David

Now before you get into major panic mode, these are the same stories that have said that Paolo Cannavaro and Andrea Barzagli were "days" away from signing for Juventus, and neither look close to joining at the moment. So this is just whispers and rumors, but it appears Inter don't want Burdisso, and he kind of burned some bridges over at Inter during his past season at Roma.

Speaking of burning bridges...remember when Stankovic was very close to a Juventus move? The tifosi revolted, and successfully derailed the move to Ranieri, Blanc, Gigli, and Secco's disappointment. Why? Well, Stankovic had rejected Juventus in order to move to Inter a few years ago, but that wasn't the real issue. This was:

You can see Stankovic in his underwear on the left, but (also in underwear) is Nicolas Burdisso, front and center, chanting "Senza Rubare! Senza Rubare, vinciamo senze rubare!" which means "Without cheating! Without cheating....we win without cheating!"

These are still just rumors (and I repeat that), and I trust Marotta has better sense than signing this stupid scumbag, but the day Nicolas Burdisso puts on a Juventus jersey, is the day I seriously consider whether to support this team or not.