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Aquilani passes his medical, signing imminent

Well, no one can accuse our refreshed medical staff of being too hasty. Aquilani underwent medicals today, starting this morning at the La Fornaca clinic, an elite private medical center in Turin. He then proceeded to the Isokinetic clinic, where Gianluigi Buffon is undergoing rehab. Then he went to his hotel, had some lunch, and had more medical tests in the afternoon, at the Center for Sports Medicine near the Stadio Olimpico. He spent 3.5 hours doing medicals in the morning, and then 2.5 hours more after lunch. Total time in examination: 6 hours. Total time for Milos Krasic? 1 hour, 40 minutes.

Alberto Aquilani, nuovo giocatore della Juventus Fc, arriva a To

The good news, of course, is that he's received the all clear from the different medical groups, who put him through some pretty tough tests. He's recently had a calf injury and a problem with the right-knee, but they seem to have resolved and he looks to be in generally good shape. Of course, we all know his history, so say, he trips and falls out of bed, he could be out for 6 weeks. God forbid, he gets hit by a car while leaving his favorite restaurant, I guarantee unlike Nocerino, he probably won't be playing a week and a half later.

Aquilani is signing at Juve headquarters now, a contract for 3.3million euros this year. There is a right-to-buy for 16million euros in the contract with Liverpool.

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