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Delneri Finally Speaks about Diego

Last week was rough. With Diego, we went through the 5 steps-
And now we get to enjoy the 5th.......REJECTION. Bahahaha.


“Diego will remain with Juventus,” said the Coach in his Press conference. “He has proved that he can play in this team and we are happy about that. “The transfer rumours have nothing to do with us. Will he play tomorrow? Seeing as he is a Juventus player, I don’t see why I shouldn’t use him.”

I was pretty confident Diego would be remaining with us, but the flurry of rumors, the fact Hoeness and a FIFA agent were in Turin, and the resounding silence, I admit it got to me. 49 words. That's all it freaking took, if only Delneri and Marotta had nipped the rumors in the bud with "IL PANDA NON SI TOCCA" we'd all have breathed a bit easier. C'mon now.

Looks like we can strike this transfer story from the list.