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Official Juventus Offside Fantasy for 2010-2011

Will any of these men make your list?

Marco P. has been nice enough to get a Serie A fantasy group going for next year. I'll actually be participating this year, as I now have a job with plenty of idle time, and fantasy is a great time killer.

From Marco:

I've set up a Juventus Offside group on . You can't select players yet (I believe it's too soon still... will be activated the week before Serie A launches) but people can join the group anyway right now.

The name of the group is "Juventus Offside", group ID is #5275 and the password is "oldlady".

By the way, don't really know how Yahoo fantasy league functions. I've been playing fantacalcio mostly for Euro and World Cup tournaments this past decade. However I'm sure it's pretty easy to pick up.

Hope to see you all there, non-Juventini on the Offside are of course welcome as well.