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Disqus has arrived

Thankfully, we have a new commenting system. It's called Disqus.

There's a very good likelihood you've noticed it before, as the Offside has been busy rolling out to the main page, the World Cup Blogs (though not Italy until recently), and the other Offside pages over the last little while. Disqus is a widely used system, an attempt to "unify" commenting systems across the web.


The nice parts about it are plenty- as accounts are required to comment, it cuts down massively on spam. The Offside receives huge amounts of spam everyday, the Juventus Offside alone receives 100+ spam comments per day or so, so thankfully, it makes it much less likely. Even more important, it flags less as spam, so some of you (Blanda, Gaetano, others) who have been wrongly marked as spam in the past, it should not happen in the future! You are now allowed to like comments, respond to comments so it arranges in a hierarchal manner, and sort comments by "most popular" "best rating" "oldest first" and "newest first." It should save your preferences, I have "oldest first" by default as it is most similar to the old commenting system. The other nice thing is it makes it much easier for Roberto and I to ban/delete comments, as an account is needed.

The downside is twofold, personally. First, you need an account to post comments (of course not to read), which is a slight downside, but you can sign in via a Disqus account...but also Twitter, Facebook, OpenID, and Yahoo, so there's a good chance you don't need an account, you can probably use another account already. The other downside is personally, I think the font is a bit too large, compared to the old commenting system. But that's life, and a relatively small complaint. :) If you have any questions, comments, etc, please let Roberto and I know.