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VotD: Non-Story Put To Bed, Finally

At last, Marotta can stop flirting with Dzeko via several social networking sites and sometimes late at night on Blackberry messenger, like so; "Edin it’s me... Beppe", Marotta would write. "Guess who I’m thinking of?" he’d ask. Then Edin would respond, "Me?", after thinking for forty minutes. Now obviously Marotta was heartbroken upon hearing Wolfsburg’s managing director Dieter Hoeness categorically deny the possibility of a summer transfer this afternoon. So for Marotta's viewing pleasure, here's a recent video on the Bosnian striker to heal the pain, plus photos from the team's first practice session in Varese.

“We have decided to end the recurring speculation: both Edin Dzeko and Zvjezdan Misimovic will be staying at Wolfsburg, no matter what offers come in for them. We did not want this speculation to become endless as we move closer to the start of the season. It made no sense to continue going around in circles. Now everybody can concentrate on the new season. Furthermore, both players have clear contracts which don’t leave any room for misinterpretation. There was not a single offer for either of them anyway so this discussion was only virtual.” -Dieter Hoeness

“It’s a dream that isn’t over, an objective that we will follow for as long as possible, though conscious of the enormous difficulties involved. But it’s nice that Dzeko expressed his pleasure at the prospect of Juventus being an eventual destination. It means that the appeal is still strong. I can confirm that there are two priorities: a left-back and a right winger. The others are linked to parallel operations. It’s no longer the time to spend crazy amounts of money. Purchasing power must be equal to turnover” -Truly, madly, deeply…

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