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Sorta Official: Marco Motta joins Juventus

God, are you listening? Please bring me to your club.

It's been quite a week for Marco Motta. Last Friday, Roma and Udinese went to the envelopes, after such a disappointing season, Roma bid low and Udinese knew it, bidding 200,000 euro more to sign his co-ownership card for 1.5mil...that same co-ownership they sold to him for 3.5mil a summer ago. Nice little bit of business. Juventus needs defenders, and Marotta likes 'em young, and Italian. Boom. After signing Pepe on an incredibly cheap loan deal, he sprung out and nabbed Motta. It's not quite official, as there's no unveiling on the Juventus website, but given the events of today, first training, jersey unveilings, and plenty of press conferences, bit understandable. However, there was a note that Motta was allowed by Udinese to begin training at Juventus, while negotiations have yet to conclude.

It appears he will be signed on loan for 500,000 euro, with a fixed right to buy the whole contract at 5million euro next summer. It also includes a 4-year contract by default, so should Juventus choose to exercise the option next summer, there isn't any negotiation for personal terms, an automatic 4-year contract kicks in. Let's see if he can get his career back on track.

I personally don't like Motta that much, but on loan with 5mil as a buy price? Not a bad deal. Let's hope I'm proven wrong on the former U-21 Captain.