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VotD: Not His Fault

With the genuinely surprising amount of speculation over Diego’s future at Juventus in the media these days, I’ve decided to show a little love to one of my favourites. I find it very difficult to believe that anyone who’s watched Diego at some point last season can’t say he’s tried his best with what he’s got to work with. Plus, while considering the general lack of quality passing from our dm’s, I’d say he’s more important then ever going forward. So, here’s the newest Esoesgallo, all about our beloved Brazilian to the sound of Pearl Jam’s ‘Inside Job’. Brilliant.

For a more detailed analysis of why exactly these so-called media ‘experts’ are unfairly labeling Diego a flop, check out this post agiamba wrote back in May. In addition, it seems the young Albin Ekdal is headed to Bologna under a co-ownership agreement this year- no word yet on what the price might be. Also, below are some of the photos from Monday’s training session. Do I detect a smile, Giovinco/Trezeguet?

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