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The Dzeko (Jjjjjjayko) Non-Story Continues

From Football Italia. (Mostly)


Juventus director general Beppe Marotta has confirmed that he has spoken to Volkswagen FC about the prospect of signing Edin Dzeko. The Bosnia international has become the focus of Juventus' transfer strategy in recent weeks as they look to land a world-class striker, or preferably anyone who can score more than 5 goals a season. However, the Bianconeri face significant competition for Dzeko's signature from Premier League heavyweights Rich Uncle Moneybags.

Marotta gave a sense of his first 52 days in charge of Juventus' transfer strategy. “On balance it's certainly been positive. I am living an extraordinary new experience because you only understand from the inside the level of media attention and popular consensus that accompany Juve. Everything has been facilitated by the active presence of Andrea Agnelli and the experience of Jean Claude Blanc… The feeling between Agnelli and I was born spontaneously because I found in front of me a young person but at the same time an expert in the dynamics of football. The President has been frequenting the dressing room since he was a boy. We speak the same language (DUH) and I have not had any problem marrying his philosophy: we need to do more than we appear to be doing.”

Interviewed in this morning's Tuttosport, Marotta said: “Dzeko is one of the best strikers in the world and, clearly, he is an object of Juventus' desire, but we need to look at the books.” When asked to reveal if he had held talks with Dieter Hoeness, his opposite number at Wolfsburg, Marotta replied: “Yes, we have spoken, but I can't tell you everything. If I did, I would surely have to kill you." The Tuttosport editor ran out of the room in a fury, in fear of Marottas evil eye. (whichever one it is)

Marotta also refused to rule out another bid for NON-EU winger Milos Krasic, although he also acknowledged that a deal would be a tough balancing act. “He is still an objective, but the NON-EU law applies to him. If I were to sign the NON-EU today, I would rule out the chance of buying Dzeko. “I prefer to judge what Pepe, Martinez and Lanzafame can give.”

Meanwhile, Sebastian Giovinco was seen weeping in the locker room. Camoranesi was lighting up a doobie in the parking lot.


I call it a non-story because hate to break it to you, I do not see this deal happening. The player may be batting eyes and saying "Eat your heart out Dennis Reynolds Juventus" but we can't compete. Marotta has been shrewd with his last few deals, but as long as Wolfsburg keep saying "Show me the moneyyyyyy!" we can't compete with the entire goddamn sovereign wealth fund of the United Arab Emirates. They've rejected part deals with Sissoko and Diego suggested going the other way, and now that Diego and Trezeguet (two large-salary assets) look less likely to leave, the chances of it happening are even lower. He's a quality player (or so his stats say, I've never watched him play) but it won't happen, not this summer. And perhaps...that's a good thing.