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My how much time has passed...

I know all Juventini are not also fans of Italia, but permit me to go back in time and enjoy.

(Sorry Gila- don't know where your goal disappeared to. Probably the black hole that swallowed your talent)

Couple random thoughts about the World Cup.
#1- Referees were dreadful.
#1a- Iniesta dove a lot this game, but the scummiest player-of-the-day award no doubt goes to Mark Van Bommel, who my hatred of grows every single time I watch him play.
#2- Spain deserved to win, and Diego Forlan deserved the Golden Ball.
#3- Germany is going to be scary soon.
#4- Spain deserved to win. They played like a team, I admire them and their style of play (you don't go on the winning streak they've had, be simultaneous European/World Champions for nothing), but they scored 8 goals this World Cup. Italy scored 12 at the last World Cup. Who plays catenaccio? Spain didn't concede a single knock-out stage goal, but to me, that is impressive.
#4a- Italy played more like a team. Spain was a little Villa-dependent up top, and while excellent, less tactically organized than Italy 2006.
#5- German and Spanish teams play their youth at the club and national level. A lot of people applauded (rightfully) Germany for moving their U-21 class to the full national level, don't forget Spain has done that as well. Busquets, Ramos, Pique, Pedro, Navas who all played tonight are all 25 or younger, which would mean they'd probably be looking at breaking into the first team in Italy right about now.
#6- Will Spanish football decline as badly as Italian football did? Certainly not...their clubs are strong, there's no scandals, and the national team is pretty strong. It is pretty astounding to think how far Italian football has sunk since 2006, the Nazionale is awful, and frankly, the clubs with Italian players aren't that great either. All in all, despite being World Champions, we didn't really get to enjoy it that much. 3 disasters of tournaments.
#7- This little nuisance called the World Cup is finally over, so we can get back to the things that matter. Like Juventus. :)