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Damn You Secco, Damn You Corvino, and Damn You Pozzo

Two men unlikely to be wearing Bianconero next year.

Fiorentina have formally announced their decision to sign Gaetano D'Agostino from Udinese on a co-ownership deal. News of the transfer broke last week, but it was unclear whether Fiorentina had signed the 28-year-old outright for a reported fee of €9m. Fiorentina will unveil D'Agostino on Wednesday at 12:00pm.

D'Agostino's signing represents something of a coup as Udinese valued him at around €15m last summer. Juventus were very close to buying him, but opted to buy Felipe Melo instead from Fiorentina for much more.

They just got D'Agostino for 4.5mil on co-ownership. Sure, he had a bum knee this year, but talk about buying low...instead, we're looking at Pepe.

Good news, however-

Juventus' new boss Gigi Del Neri would like to see Domenico Criscito return to the club on a permanent basis, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport. The 23-year-old is co-owned by Genoa and has spent the last two seasons at Marassi carving out a reputation for versatility, as he can play in defence and in midfield.

Juventus have to make a decision on his future in the coming weeks as well as that of Raffaele Palladino who is also co-owned by Genoa. La Gazzetta understands that Juventus will now leave Palladino at Marassi and bring Criscito back to Turin on or before June 25.

Meanwhile, they are waiting for Genoa to resolve their co-ownership of Leonardo Bonucci with Bari. Genoa are expected to bring the Italy international back to Marassi, only to sell him on to Juventus, possibly in exchange for Davide Lanzafame and Paolo De Ceglie.

Palladino, much as I like him, is not consistent enough to play at Juventus and at 26, he's not a young player anymore. Swap him for Criscito!