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Candreva and Criscito conduct their exit interviews

After the words from Ferrara and Zaccheroni about their tenure at Juve, recently departed Candreva and Criscito have offered their thoughts as well. In line with the young C players.......Caceres may be next.

Criscito can't handle the Camo

Criscito, to the Genoa official website:

"It's a beautiful sensation to feel part of Genoa completely. It's an honor, and at the same time, an increased responsibility. I will give my best to repay the faith of my president and of the team, which made a large investment. I will return from vacation more dependable than ever, of this you can be certain. In recent days, I've been in Napoli, with my family and my relatives. What am I doing? Tonight, for example, I'm going to see my cousin in a dance. Later, I will be going with my wife for some days to Bora Bora, in Polynesia. Now that everything is finished, I can say that it was what I wanted. I had to say certain phrases half-and-half during the last few weeks, but those who knew me well knew that my desire was to continue to wear the Genoa jersey."

Man......I can't believe I didn't get signed!

Candreva, to TuttoMercatoWeb:

You won't remain at Juventus, are you a bit disappointed? To be part of a big club is always pleasing, but the option for co-ownership has ended, they made other choices. Now, we'll see. For now, I am the property of Udinese, I wait for news, we'll see. Who wouldn't want to be part of a big team like Juventus? I'm sorry, but never say never."

Last year Juventus played a poor season, what didn't work? There were some injuries, and even if that is not an alibi, the year was not one of the best. It can happen, but Juventus will experience a rebirth. There are great players and great champions, and a great coach has arrived who did very well at Sampdoria."

So there you have it. Criscito, who grew up in the Juve youth academy, seemingly slams the door on ever returning, whereas Candreva, an admitted fan of Roma, leaves it cracked. Which player would you rather see back at Juve?

While their sons were off hustling in training, Alfredo Criscito and Giuseppe Iaquinta played some foosball

At least one Iaquinta got some goals in South Africa!