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Melo Keeps on Digging

Like this. Only worse.

Felipe Melo, ladies and gentlemen:

«With Fiorentina, my first Italian team, everything at a group worked well, as a collective and individually, the season went well. At Juventus, the group never worked, even if I'm happy with what I did. At all the big clubs, it can happen that you don't win titles, I hope the next year will be full of victories, hopefully we can do the same as Inter. I take the small portion of responsibility, but the fault was everyones. Here with Brazil, it's totally there is happiness and full of friendship, people who can help you when you need help. Instead, at Juventus at the level of the group, nothing worked. Brazil is a real group of players...Juventus didn't have it."

What an asshat. As if we needed any more reasons to hate him, he just keeps shoving his foot in his mouth. The players responded.

Buffon- "Did Melo really say this? Well, I guess it is a personal opinion, it should be respected as such."
Chiellini- "On the other hand, I don't care what he's said. Who gives a damn, I have more important things to think about.
Poulsen- "For me, things work well at Juventus. Certainly, national teams are special for everyone, because you're representing your country and you don't play in the World Cup everyday. But for me, Juventus is also plenty important. Italy is beautiful, and I have always been very well there."

As Jorid pointed out in the last post, rumors that Del Neri has asked Agnelli and Marotta to issue a fine to Felipe Melo for his comments. Better idea- Sell the fucker. I am so sick of him disrespecting our club, our fans, and our players.

"Rule #1- Burn all bridges possible!"