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Giovinco to Bari on Co-Ownership

He's going the distance....

Voices in the media and in Bari are suggesting that Giovinco is about to be sold to Bari on co-ownership. My first thought was Bari took Yago, another young Juventino trequartista, and did nothing with him, though you can fault Secco for sending a trequartista to a 4-4-2 team. However, Giovinco can of course play as a winger.

Good news? Bad news? For me, a simpazzante of Bari, it's only good news. Juve needs to let him go, until he plays so well we spend triple on his co-ownership, it'll be nice to retain some ownership. Bari will play him, it's a competitive team, and they'll get a nice slice of co-ownership for one of the most naturally talented players in Italy. (That again, we will probably pay 3x for)