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Whereas Nedved May Be Returning...

With Andrea Agnelli's arrival at Juventus, Pavel Nedved's return to Juventus is much more a possibility. As his retirement approached, there were rumors that Nedved's relationship with Blanc and Secco was, well, less than optimal. This has been confirmed by his ex-agent and friend Mino Raiola, who, slimebag as he may be, shed a little more light on the situation.


"Until two days ago, it was impossible for Nedved to go to work at Juventus, now it is possible. Pavel is one who loves to be in places that he has an attachment to, them being Lazio and Juventus, but also the Czech national team. [However, at the moment] the rumors of him working in the youth system are unfounded, but Pavel has a great relationship with the Agnelli family and the Bianconero fanbase. [Nedved's departure from Juventus was the result of] many bad things, that I would like to refer to, but Nedved has promised me not to. He considers himself to be too strict to be a coach, but if he were to become a coach he'd like to start step-by-step, maybe starting coaching kids from 12 to 14 years old, which is his dream." (Later in the interview, Raiola says he was convinced Inter would win the Champion's League this year and urged Nedved to sign with Inter. What a scumshit.)

No news on what the ugly stories between Nedved and the management are, and knowing Pavel's class it is unlikely we'll ever know. One thing is for sure- Nedved may be returning to Juve, whether in a directors role or as a youth team coach. It has been rumored that he may become involved in the youth sector while acting as a personal advisor to President Agnelli. Other than having a close relationship with the Agnelli family in general, Nedved is quite close with Andrea. The two are neighbors and play 5-a-side calcio on Thursdays with each other.

I feel like the disaster otherwise known as the last few years are already slipping away...