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Udinese v. Juventus: Wondering Where The Heart Lies


  • Match Links: [direct match link] [match open thread]
  • Juventus call-ups, Udinese call-ups
  • Catania's giving it to Palermo right now, so it  looks like we can go tied for fourth with a victory. Seventh times a charm.
  • Seba needs to start from the beginning. That is all for now. I'm terribly nervous.
  • [UPDATE] It's official: Betclick has been granted the rights to become our official sponsor, as of  July 1st 2010 until the 30th of June 2012, and their logo will be on our first jersey. However, Juventus is also selling the rights to our second jersey.

Turin, 3rd April 2010 – Juventus Football Club S.p.A., within the framework of an innovative commercial strategy, and with the objective of increasing revenues from jersey sponsorship, decided to adopt a new format granting to two different partners the right to brand, respectively, the black&white and the second shirt. Consequently, the two partners will have visibility both in national and international competitions.

According to such strategy, Juventus signed today an agreement with Betclick UK Ltd. pursuant to which it will become the Juventus “Official Sponsor”, with the “Betclic” brand, as of 1st July 2010 and until 30th June 2012.

Pursuant to the agreement Betclick will have the right to brand Juventus first jersey (black&white) in all national and international competitions played by the First Team. Juventus will receive an overall base consideration of € 16 million and a variable amount linked to sport results in national and international competitions.

Juventus Chairman Jean-Claude Blanc declared: “In a very difficult economic context we have individuated an international partner of high standing in order to enact an innovative commercial strategy by splitting rights between first and second jersey. The agreement signed today is the first of the two “official sponsorship” contracts for the next two football seasons”.