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From J1897: A Letter to the FIGC, Juventus, and all Juventus fans

This correspondence is directed at Juventus SpA, the FIGC and all Juventus fans.


Only four years have passed but for us fans it seems like many more. From 2006 to the present day we have absorbed too many humiliations, now it is time to seriously raise our voices.

The intercepted phone calls that have emerged recently from lawyers Prioreschi and Trofino in the Neapolitan Civil Court demonstrated one simple thing: those who four years ago professed immaculate honesty and walked the streets wearing the white veil of virginity with the “Scudetto of Embarrassment” stitched on top, made calls that were far worse than anything heard in 2006.

  • Never was Moggi overheard asking for two linesmen from designator Mazzei let alone obtaining them.

  • Never was Moggi overheard suggesting a new method to assign referees (and request to discontinue the random draw), inserting referees outside of the grid process to increase the probability of obtaining a desired referee.
  • Never was Moggi found conversing with referees on the phone, excluding the call Paparesta made to Moggi after he officiated the Reggina-Juventus match which Moggi terminated with seconds claiming he had nothing to say to him.
  • Never was Moggi heard requesting and being granted a referee for a Coppa Italia match (remember that Coppa matches did not adhere to a random draw process but rather straight assigning of referees).
  • Juventus fans are not stupid. It is clear as day that there were no fixed games in the “incriminated seasons” on behalf of Juventus, Inter, Milan, or any other club (this sentiment is further shared by the very judges who stated as much in the verdicts they wrote in July of 2006).
    The only evident “system” was one that the FIGC itself created and promoted whereby team directors were invited and encouraged to maintain dialogue with referee designators for the purposes of communicating feedback be it satisfaction or criticism, there was certainly no mafia style organism governed by two men, who have now suffer consequences alone while all others continue to walk freely proclaiming their innocence.
    It appears as though there are but two possible outcomes:

    • It is determined that all are innocent: in such a case we demand that the FIGC reassign the 28th and 29th league titles to Juventus, a public apology for the damage that has been caused to the Juventus name along with a demand to Juventus SpA for an economic restitution by the FIGC for the financial losses incurred by the federation’s decisions. These are the MINIMUM acceptable actions that the team’s directors could carry out to finally demonstrate respect towards its fans that have remained loyal even in Serie B.
    • It is determined that all are guilty: in such a case we demand that the FIGC open a new investigation in their Sporting Tribunal to analyze the new intercepted calls and that the same rules applied four years ago be applied again. This could only be realized by the relegation of certain”honest” teams.

    The behavior was the same for all team directors, therefore we ask for only fair and equal treatment for all. Other solutions will not be tolerated from the Juventino population; do not think that revoking the 2006 title from Inter will be sufficient to pacify the country’s biggest fan base and burry the hatchet. We want a trial, we want the truth. The time of half truths and power games has come to an end.

    Since all our prior requests for clarity regarding this case have fallen on deaf ears, now we are obligated to communicate by threat.
    If these demands are not met by Juventus FC or the FIGC we are prepared to boycott the entire football product, because at that point it will become clear to all that this is not a league based on sport and competition but rather a farce where it is acceptable to make those who spend more win. No season ticket sales, no regular tickets, no magazine or web subscriptions, no pay TV, no merchandise, absolutely nothing.

    • We do not want this type of football.
    • For this type of football you will have to proceed without our money.
    • This type of football Mr. Moratti will have to finance entirely.

    We are many, we are awaiting the results of this case and we are infuriated.
    Do not call our bluff because we assure you that in such a case we will bring our money elsewhere.
    It is our consumer right and no one will take it away.

    The staff of