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VotD: Finally, It Looks Kinda Like A Stadium

Here's the latest video of the construction efforts on the grounds of the old Delle Alpi. This marks the first ever confirmed visual sighting of Juventus' new stadium. For a much more in-depth look into the still very much unfinished complex, follow this link to an earlier post. In other stadio related news, the club has recently released a statement outlining it's plans for a "walk of fame" type shrine for Juventus' Top 50 legends to be included in our new home. Their names in alphabetical order, after the jump.

Juventus have revealed the names of those players who will be honoured by a Hollywood style walk of fame at their new stadium. The Bianconeri's directors wanted to retain the club's heritage at the new ground, which will be one of the most modern in the world when it opens.

A list of 50 legends has been produced, each of which will be allocated a star. The stars will be dotted around the stadium and Tuttosport understands that Juventus plan to group them perhaps according to era.

Michel Platini, Giampiero Boniperti, Omar Sivori and Gaetano Scirea have all been included, as expected. Some were surprised by Zibi Boniek's appearance in the list even though he won the Scudetto, a European Cup and Cup Winners' Cup in his three years at the club. Notable absentees were Roberto Boninsegna and Karl Aage Praest. Moreno Toricelli's inclusion made their absences all the more remarkable.

Football Italia

1. Pietro Anastasi
2. Roberto Baggio
3. Romeo Benetti
4. Roberto Bettega
5. Carlo Bigatto
6. Zibi Boniek
7. Giampiero Boniperti
8. Felice Borel
9. Sergio Brio
10. Gigi Buffon
11. Antonio Cabrini
12. Umberto Caligaris
13. Mauro Camoranesi
14. Fabio Capello
15. Franco Causio
16. John Charles
17. Giampiero Combi
18. Antonio Conte
19. Antonello Cuccureddu
20. Ale Del Piero
21. Didier Deschamps
22. Luis Del Sol
23. Angelo Di Livio
24. Ciro Ferrara
25. Giuseppe Furino
26. Claudio Gentile
27. Paolo Montero
28. John Hansen
29. Pavel Nedved
30. Raimundo Orsi
31. Carlo Parola
32. Angelo Peruzzi
33. Gianluca Pessotto
34. Michel Platini
35. Pietro Rava
36. Fabrizio Ravanelli
37. Virginio Rosetta
38. Paolo Rossi
39. Sandro Salvadore
40. Gaetano Scirea
41. Lucidio Sentimenti
42. Omar Sivori
43. Stefano Tacconi
44. Alessio Tacchinardi
45. Marco Tardelli
46. Moreno Torricelli
47. David Trezeguet
48. Gianluca Vialli
49. Zinedine Zidane
50. Dino Zoff