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An Interview with Moggi's Lawyer

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La Stampa conducted a brief interview with Moggi's lawyer, Maurilio Prioreschi today. While the tapes will be presented in courts April 13th, he sheds a bit of light on what may or may not be in there. Translated interview after the jump.

Lawyer Maurilio Prioreschi, you defend Luciano Moggi in the Calciopoli trials in Napoli: Why have you only recently found the telephone calls between Bergamo, Moratti, and Facchetti?
«It's a question I've asked myself, together with another: Why were they not transcribed? Why were they hidden? It's curious.».

How did you come about finding them?
«Calciopoli consists, globally, of 171,000 intercepted phone calls. We checked Bergamo's usage, the relative traffic arriving and outgoing, hence the discovery. But this isn't really a discovery, but a confirmation. At the time, to call the referee designator was lawful, and everyone did it. I repeat: Everyone.».

The difference is in the contents however, don't you think?
«I don't exclude that that they are totally innocent, the recordings that were made of Moggi and Bergamo, respective to those that we believe we've found».

Where are you at in the tapings?
«Of the 171,000 in total, we've listened to about 30,000. And some important ones have already emerged».

Even those of Moratti and Facchetti, then?
«Yes, also from other Inter directors».

Moratti has suggested that it wasn't he who made the call, but the referee designators.
Moratti ha sostenuto che non era lui a chiamare, ma loro (i designatori).
«That changes little, I would say.».

One of the most "endearing" was Cagliari's president, Cellino.

«There are discussions between him and Pairetto, the other referee designator.».

Between Gallani and Bergamo?
«Didn't appear. The references of the then League President (Gallani) were with Pairetto.».

Can one listen to the conversations?
«In principle, yes, and some we have already listened to. They are interesting....the contents will be divulged ind ue time. Perhaps at the next hearing on April 13th.».

Why "in principle?"
«Because some of them we have not been able to open.».

In summary?
«They [the referee designators] spoke on the phone with everyone, but for Moggi, the connection became a morbid fascination for others, it was a distraction or maybe a priveleged connection. I repeat: In the 2004-2005 season, you could have called Bergamo and Pairetto. It remains a mystery why the discussions between Bergamo, Moratti, and Facchetti were not taken into consideration by Auricchio.».

As to not have aroused suspension, perhaps.
«The clarity and completeness, in these cases, would have contributed a lot at the start to have removed slander and the "dark shadows." Inter received a Scudetto from Juventus from this "diversity" of evidence.».

"Something will be missed," rationalized the prosecuter Narducci.
«Only something?».