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The Future according to Tuttosport (Aka, God I hope not)

Juventus under Prandelli: (35% chance of happening)


Juventus under Zaccheroni: (35% chance of happening)


Juventus under Capello: (10% chance of happening)


Juventus under Benitez: (20% chance of happening)


Thoughts on Tuttosport:
#1- This is the most half-assed "sensationalism" report I've seen. Who knows if Zac would go with a 3-4-3? Where are these arbitrary "percentages" of signing a coach coming from? (Their asses, clearly) Apparently Gasparini, Allegri, Lippi, etc have 0% chance of happening, collectively.
#2- This is the most depressing fantacalcio I've seen. Skrtel, Higuain, Kuyt, for real? Come on. We're done with the mediocre shit. (Hopefully)
#3- What is the obsession with Vargas? He'd be Melo 2.0, aka unnecessary, we'd get fleeced horrendously on the sale, and he'd probably never reach his Fiorentina heights again.
#4- I've said this exact line for the last few years- "The priority, as it has remained for the last few years, is three words: DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE."
#5- Still very opposed to Benitez or Capello.
#6- De Ceglie is apparently fully anointed as our future left-back. As much as I'd like to believe that, I don't.
#7- Mexes is overrated, overpriced, and a Romanista at heart. No thanks. Apparently the only alternative to him at CB is Skrtel. Blah.

Can anyone get me a job at Tuttosport? Here's my vision for the future.

We sign Ribery, Fabregas, Dzeko this summer.

Oh wait, they already posted that.