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Horrible Pitch v. Juventus: The Zac's Real First Game

A few words before kick-off here. All week we've been hearing about this game against Livorno and how our boys are going to play determined to win. The truth is, I completely believe them. I expect a tremendous display of football from our side and quasi-landslide victory against Livorno. The Zac is going to get his three points here as he'll hope to use the Amaranti as a spring board to bigger and better things. More specifically, a streak of victories. Also, no offense to Livorno fans out there. Good work in Milan last weekend. However, Juventus right now is like an extremely dangerous wounded animal fighting for it's life, and the cage door has just been opened...


*Stay tuned for a review after this one. Alessio has no excuse not to be shitfaced right now ahead of tomorrow's big bowl game. So I'll put something together after the 90 mins are up.