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VotD: Fourth Place Friends or Foes?

Juventus have hosted Palermo 21 times in the championship and the stats well favour the bianconeri with 16 victories, 3 draws and 2 defeats (the last of which last season with a 1-2 result). Curiously enough, there was never a 1-0 result and on four occasions the final result was 4-1.

The most classical result, occurring 5 times, is 2-1. The first of this series is dated 5th may 1935: Juve is moving close to its 5th consecutive scudetto title. The victory came after a comeback: the opener by Palermo player Blasevich was answered to by Varglien and Cesarini who did not decide the match in the zone typically named after him but 15 minutes before.

The next 2-1 dates back to 1953. The bianconeri score the opener in the first half thanks to a Mari penalty. In the second half, De Grandi equalised but Boniperti managed to score the decisive goal 3 minutes from full time. Seven years later, in 1960, it was again Boniperti who scored the opener. The temporary 1-1 goal was scored by Carpanesi. Juventus have the change of immediately scoring the lead again but Cervato missed a penalty. The 2-1 was scored by Colombo on the 40th minute of the first half.

Even in 1963, winning the two points was hard. An own goal by Palermo player Sereni and the equalizer by De Robertis saw the two teams end the first half in a tie. It was however, Omar Sivori who broke the equilibrium in the middle of the second half.

Finally in the penalty minutes of the match day in the 2005/06 championship, Nedved and Ibrahimovic assured the victory notwithstanding the goal scored by Godeas.