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Excerpt's from Chiellini's TwitterChat

If you didn't know, yesterday Giorgio had a "TwitterChat" where he responded in live-time to questions from various Juventini. A cool idea, some direct interaction with our idols, and it was nice to learn some new things about Giorgio I didn't know before. To that end, I've posted some of the questions and his responses translated...for the full deal (and he responded to quite a few), check out his Twitter.

How are your university studies going?
Chiellini: I need to take my 3rd-team exams, then there's my masters. (Who knew Chiellini was so studious?)

What do you think of the 3-man backline? Do you like it, or do you prefer 4? Do you prefer to play Fifa with Xbox 360 or a PS3?
Chiellini: Right now I have a PS3, I used to have an Xbox 360, honestly I don't see any real difference. The 3-man backline is different, and I need to get used to it.

Are you the only Twitter-er on the team? Don't you think it'd be nice to have more contact with the fans like you do?
Chiellini: I don't think everyone has the same passion for technology that I do. :)


What do you think about already being a bandiera of the team and a possible future captain?
Chiellini: It's an honor to already be considered a bandiera of this team, I hope to stay and give a lot more to Juventus.

Do you think we will be able to win the Europa League? Will it be hard or easy? When will we see Iaquinta back?
Chiellini: It's of course not easy, but we will try to finish first in the Coppa. Iaquinta is already training with us, I hope to see him soon on the field.

What has been your best game this season? Of your career?
Chiellini: This year, I think against Sampdoria, above all because of the goal I scored! Of my life, definitely against Spain in Euro 2008.

What's your best memory from your time with the Viola? I already follow you on Twitter...if I could meet you, I'd wear an Inter jersey the whole night? (Posted by a female Milanista)
Chiellini: An Inter jersey is not worth it, believe me! With the Viola, I had many friendships and my best goal I scored in Fiorentina-Parma.

You study at the University, right? How do you fit in both calcio and your studies?
Chiellini: It's enough by having the desire, I find enough time always.

What coach did you get along with best? And what teammate?
Chiellini: It's hard because there's been so many. As far as teammates, I would say Giannichedda.

What does Juventus need to win again?
Chiellini: Not an easy thing to know, but having the whole squad available will certainly help.

My question is simple: PES or FIFA? Which game do you think your Virtual Chiellini looks more like you?
Chiellini: I think in the last few years, FIFA has surpassed PES, and I look a lot more like the Chiellini of FIFA.

How much does the fan support help during moments of crisis?
Chiellini: They are always important- against Genoa, I think the fans were fundamental like never before.

What's your typical night like, after a game? After a victory? What kind of places can you recommend in Torino to me?
Chiellini: After a game, I go out for pizza! And then home. Places in Torino, I usually just go out for dinner and that's it, but there's a lot of clubs out there.

What place do you think Juventus will finish? Say the truth and not as if a journalist asked you!
Chiellini: Right now we need to finish at least 4th, and aim for 3rd in case Milan or Roma cool down a bit. That's the truth!

Who is your teammate that you get along the best with?
Chiellini: In the national team, I have a good relationship with just about everyone, at Juve above all De Ceglie, who has been my roommate for a thousand trips.

What team would you like to meet in the Europa League final?
Chiellini: Liverpool.

If it depended on you, would you like to be the captain and how would it affect you?
Chiellini: It would be a dream, and I don't think I'd have any problems.

Prefer to play in a 3-man backline or 4?
Chiellini: 4, by habit of course, but 3 I just need to adapt to, like everything.

Do you watch Lost? What's your favorite character?
Chiellini: I am obsessed with Lost! My favorite is Locke, I also really liked Mr. Eko.

Giving it to Beckham from behind.

Is your twin brother good at calcio?
Chiellini: He wasn't very good, but he's a very good agent.

How do you see Mourinho in his attitude?
Chiellini: I think he exaggerates a lot, but I'm sure that he knows it.

Chiello, I'm not sure if you knew, but Giuseppe Rossi, your friend, his father just died.
Chiellini: I know, I knew that he was unfortunately not well but I am close to him in these terrible moments.

Before matches, how do you prepare? Do you have a routine, do you listen to music or have any superstitions?
Chiellini: I listen to music until I'm in the dressing room, I change it in the moment, depending on how I'm feeling.

What do you think about being coached by a guy like Mourinho?
Chiellini: I'd be very curious to have him as a coach.

I wanted to ask you, do you think that Vinovo is one of the causes of the injuries over the last few years?
Chiellini: Certainly, the cold and the humidity have not helped.

How did you get along with Capello? I think he's the greatest coach.
Chiellini: Very well, he's a very good coach as they say.

Man of faith or man of science?
Chiellini: Only science.

Favorite movie?
Chiellini: The Usual Suspects.

What has been your best goal this year, and did you dedicate it to anyone?
Chiellini: Juve-Samp, to no one in particular.

What's your typical day, including training, friends, family, girlfriend? :(
Chiellini: Morning- Training, lunch, a little break, a snack, dinner, TV, if my girlfriend is around I spend time with her, if not, then with my friends.

Hi, I'm an American Viola fan. What's the worst injury you've had, it's incredible, it seems like you never get injured?
Chiellini: The injury to my knee at the San Siro friendly (Berlusconi trophy) I was afraid it was cruciate ligaments, it turned out to be not that bad and in a month I was back on the pitch.

What other TV shows do you watch? Prison Break, Flash Forward, Dr. House?
Chiellini: I watch anything, more or less. In order- Lost, Prison Break, Lie to Me, House, but there's a lot of others too.

I just learned that Trezeguet suffered a training injury? What a shame! What do you think?
Chiellini: It's nothing serious for David.

After being sacked, have you talked to Ciro? Do you know if he will return to management at Juve or coaching?
Chiellini: I don't know yet what Ciro will do, but I think he will start coaching again.

Are you anxious to play in the new stadium? What do you think about it?
Chiellini: I can't wait to play in the new stadium.

Mac or PC?
Chiellini: Mac my whole life, but now I have both.

Do you have a girlfriend? If yes, what's her name?
Chiellini: I'm engaged, her name is Carolina and she is from Livorno like me.

How was marking Chamakh? Do you think at Arsenal he could do well?
Chiellini: He's a very good striker, but I wouldn't trade him for ours.

Do you think it would be hard to play on the right side of central defense for someone purely left-footed like you?
Chiellini: I think certainly I am better on the left side, but it's also out of habit.

What kind of music do you listen to?
Chiellini: Mainstream music, I listen to more foreign artists than Italian.

What player do you like in the Juventus Primavera that won at Viareggio?
Chiellini: I would say Giandonato, because he's been constantly improving in the last few months.

Have you ever played Football Manager? In your opinion, what Primavera player is ready to make the jump?
Chiellini: Yes, I've definitely played Football Manager, on PC, I'm also calcio first! Marrone and Immobile are the closest.

Are you still playing Hattrick?
Chiellini: Not anymore, I gave it up.

What made you want to be a football player?
Chiellini: I love calcio!

Who do you share a room with on trips? Who are you best friends with on the team?
Chiellini: De Ceglie.

Who do you dream of scoring a goal on? (Team, or keeper)
Chiellini: England in the World Cup final.

Grande Giorgio, you are the only "gobbo" I would want in Nerazzurro! In the near or far future, would you ever transfer to Inter?
Chiellini: I don't think that would ever happen after what I've lived through here! Thank you for your kind words, though.

What do you think of Zuliani's narrations? Have you ever seen any videos of his?
Chiellini: I miss them! When I played Hattrick, my team was named 11 Warriors!

Celebrating with the tifosi.

I always wondered, for you Calciatori with a big salary, do you get paid monthly, at the end/beginning of each season?
Chiellini: Monthly.

Pavel's game, the "addio to Calcio" I was at, and there were some strong emotions. How about you?
Chiellini: I almost started crying.

So you go to school, right? In Torino? What university? What department? Have you always liked school since as a kid?
Chiellini: Yes, in Torino...I don't go for lessons but I do for assignments and exams.

Don't you think they underrated Sissoko in FIFA? You're a sponsor, maybe next year you can say something to EA! :)
Chiellini: Yeah, I agree...I'll tell them for next year!

Do you think it'll ever be possible to see a game in Italy just a meter or two from the field, like in other leagues? Or it'll never happen?
Chiellini: I think so, I think Juve will be one of the first, if not the first with the new stadium.

Hi Giorgio, I'm Brazilian, and you have a big following among Brazilians! What do you think of this?
Chiellini: I'm very happy! Certainly starting from this year, Juve will have more fans, with our Brazilians.

Would you rather win the Champion's League with Juventus or the World Cup with Italy? Be truthful!
Chiellini: Honestly, the World Cup.

You'll be staying with us next season, right? Would you move for the money?
Chiellini: 99.999999999%, you all have to support me for much longer! You never know what happens in life, but I don't think that is my case.

Have you always wanted to be a Calciatore? If not, what would you have done?
Chiellini: Yes, it was always my dream. If not, I'd probably have become a doctor like my dad.

Playing PES on the Wii is amazing, it's completely different!
Chiellini: Never tried it! The wii doesn't interest me much, I think it's more for children.

Would you like to have Fernando Torres in your team?
Chiellini: I don't think it'd be so bad...

What are you eating tonight?
Chiellini: I think some white meat.

What do you think of the players Kjaer, Hazard, and Lukaku? Are they Juve quality?
Chiellini: I only know Kjaer, and yes, he's very good.

Who are the nicest teammates you ever had and the worst?
Chiellini: The first, Giannichedda and Belardi, the worst I could never tell you!

Do you follow other sports, like racing?
Chiellini: NBA, yes.

Be honest! Is there someone else writing these responses?
Chiellini: I swear that I'm doing it all myself!

Who was your idol as a child?
Chiellini: Maldini.

Thank you for your patience, we really appreciate it, you're a great player and also a great guy! Do you know how to cook? What's your favorite foods?
Chiellini: Thanks! No, I don't know how to cook. Pizza and gelato.

What are you doing tonight?
Chiellini: Finishing up the chat, then going downtown in Torino for dinner.

What are your first memories of Calcio?
Chiellini: The little field in Livorno where I grew up, and the clothes full of mud that my grandma washed for me.

Responding seriously, how much does this Juve miss Nedved? For me, Candreva is a natural substitute.
Chiellini: We miss him a lot! But no one is like him, everyone has their own style of play.

A few years ago I once told you that you would be a key base of Juventus, and you laughed!
Chiellini: Thanks, you were right!

Have you ever read "Nicola's book?" (Legro)
Chiellini: No...I would say we are not of the same sect. (Legrottaglie is Evangelical)

Do you like to read? What kind of books.
Chiellini: Used to be thriller novels, but now it's primarily when I'm studying.

What's your favorite animated show?
Chiellini: The Simpsons.

Up to now, what's your favorite place you've been?
Chiellini: I want to go to New York badly, up until now, I don't really know.

Has Legrottaglie helped you out in your growth as a player? You both have strong minds!
Chiellini: He helped me a lot, to teach me specific movements when I started as a center-back, we can play now with eyes closed.

What do you think of the Fiorentina-Bayern game?
Chiellini: It was a theft, I don't know how I would have reacted. It'd be difficult not to lose your head.

Lebron James or Kobe Bryant?
Chiellini: Kobe forever!

Big thanks to Giorgio for taking time out of his day to do this!