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'Ze Germán Is Coming!'

"It's a boy!"

Dare I say my favorite Juventino of all time? Damn close y'all. Anyone remember the time he celebrated one of his many goals a few years back by strumming the flag stick like a guitar? Or that time he pretended to pick up a pipe from the sidelines and smoke it? It could be his marvellous hair, or it could be the reggae inspired hat he likes to keep it in. It could be his elegant touch, or it could be his nasty temper. Put all of those things together, sprinkle the smile he has on his face every time he's substituted on, and you have the source of not only mine, but of every Juventino's undying love Mauro. Glad to have you back. We missed you.

You tell me if it's a coincidence Camoranesi comes back into the line-up once spring is almost around the corner. Think again. The man's a vet-ter-ran. We got to see a little taste of Mauro last weekend against Bologna as a sub late in the match and it felt very reassuring. You see, as many of you already know, Mauro is just as essential to this team's chances of success as any one of his teammates are. In short, Zaccheroni's life just got a little easier.

Able to play the wing in a more advanced midfield role, Camoranesi will provide Zac with a steady hand up-field in his 3-4-1-2 system as someone who also knows when to defend. The differences between Caceres and Ze German is mainly speed vs technical ability. Martin has the pace advantage while Mauro is still the pleasure to watch. With a healthy German on your team though, you'll often leave the Uruguayan on defense or on the bench. No offense.

So we'll see what happens this Thursday for the second leg against Ajax. Mauro will probably get some playing time but probably as a sub again late in the game. Sissoko may or may not be fit in time so expect Marchisio and Melo to start in the middle against Ajax. Perhaps Candreva in there somewhere with De Ceglie and Salihams (suspended) on the flanks in midfield as well. As we get a little close to game day, we should have a better idea who'll start and who won't obviously. Until then, enjoy the video of Mauro German Camoranesi everyone.