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Podcast- School Daze: Lars Is Our Pepe

With Marco unavailable (rumours he was called in to referee some SPL games are unconfirmed at this time) Aaron & Adam were joined by Lars Aabjerg of the brilliant & much like Pepe stepping in for Marchisio, he made a telling contribution to reviewing the win over Catania this past weekend.

Then follows an in-depth discussion of the players on loan at Juve & which of them should become permenant moves, a topic spark by a combination of Quagliarella's brilliance & Motta's sheer uselessness. The right back slot was also cause for debate as the three of us mull over the merits of Pepe, Sorensen & a number of other alternatives. We wrap up with a preview of the strike-threatened Lazio game.

Hope you enjoy the show.

Aaron, Marco, Adam & Lars