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Winter Transfer Preamble

The January transfer window is a fickle beast. Rumours constantly flare up about possible transfers, but rarely will you see any notably talented players leave for other clubs mid-season. So depending on how highly you rate Catania's striker Maxi Lopez, this winter transfer might be realistic. Here is the striker's post-match comments about the possibility of joining Juventus, alongside Quagliarella's views on the matter. Plus, more photos from the 3-1 victory last Sunday.

Catania forward, Maxi Lopez:

"We met a tough team who were pumped up and have so much quality and a great squad," Maxi told Reuters at Catania's Stadio Massimino. "We lost here for the first time in a year against a team that can win the Scudetto. They are strong because they have great champions and a good tactical system. If another great squad showed interest, it would give me great pleasure," said Maxi, who is eligible to play for Italy having represented Argentina only at youth level. "I'm calm, my attitude has always been just to keep working. I've still got two-three years left on my contract here so I'm just trying to improve at Catania," he said with a smile.

Juventus forward, Fabio Quagliarella: (Two separate interviews combined, Part I & II )

"Whatever side you play for, that club will always be looking for a new attacker," the Italian international noted. "I am used to all these rumours. And it is normal for a club like Juventus to try to sign big name players. We are a big club and the more champions we have at our disposal then the better it is. At the clubs where I've played, they always wanted a bomber," Quagliarella laughed. "We are still waiting for Amauri to come back from injury. He is a fundamental player for us. He will be our signing in the January transfer window. The mister makes me play in my position. I like to participate in the moves and always be in the game. It wasn't easy to win at this ground because Catania haven't lost at home for more than a year."

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