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Podcast- Aaron's Back, It's Recording, But There's No Football

Boniek's Top 10 Goals for Juventus...but do they outweigh his comments against Juventus?

With the Winter Break upon us there are no games to discuss, so in true Turin-based-sports-daily tradition we embark on a meaningless mercato discussion. Kicking off with "what's the difference between who SHOULD leave and who WILL leave?", moving on to a realistic debate of a number of names who may don the Bianconeri shirt in the near future.

The conversation then moves on to the hot topic at the moment - the removal of Zibi Boniek's star from the new stadium where it seems like the only person not interested at all is 'Bello di notte' himself! The list of possible replacements gives us all a laugh before we each admit who we'd like to see honoured.

Later this week there will be an announcement regarding next weeks special episode, so keep an eye out for that.

Thanks as always for listening,

Aaron, Marco and Adam