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Podcast: Repetita Juv(ant)

Presenting the second recording of this week's show, after the first (much like most of mainland Europe) froze & would not let us edit/upload for you. With Aaron unable to re-record, Lars of the wonderful once again stepped off the bench and in true Simone Pepe style, played the role perfectly.


This week we discuss the Chievo game in detail, Davide Lanzafame's disciplinary issues that leave him heading for a swift exit. We also answer some questions from Twitter and take a look at the strikers linked with a January move to Turin.

While you listen to us talk the usual Bianconeri-related nonsense, why not visit a site that offers something different to the norm? Pondering Calcio is more like a love-letter than a football site, but it is Danish-flavored! And as we all know Poulsen BAD but Sorensen GOOD, so Juve hearts Denmark once again. Please take a look and say hello to Lars for us.

Also remember the podcast is available to download free from iTunes as well.

Thank you for listening,

Aaron, Marco, Adam & Lars