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Generations Of White & Black

The legendary Giampiero Boniperti speaks about his grandson's display against Manchester City. "I spent the moment alone. I don't even know what my wife did."

"You don't cry out of happiness," he said. "But this time you almost could. I didn't see the game. I closed myself in a room alone and listened to the commentary on the radio. Hearing 'Del Piero passes to Boniperti' gave me chills. Filippo was very emotional. In the last few days he told me about his anxiety. I am very happy for him."

"Making your debut with the Juventus shirt is a wonderful thing, a day that you can't forget. My son Giampaolo just called me from the stadium. You know, fathers are always stronger than grandfathers. I spent the moment alone. I don't even know what my wife did. But she was also agitated. As a boy I dreamed of playing at least one game with the Juventus shirt, not only did I play 462 I also saw my grandson wear the same shirt. It was very beautiful."

Here's what Filippo had to say after his own performance:

"I am really happy with this debut. I must say I was hoping. I am happy it came against a prestigious opponent like Manchester City. My grandfather? I haven’t spoken to him yet tonight. We spoke yesterday after my call-up."

Another Juventus youngster - Filippo Boniperti ;) Grandson of Juventus legend Giampiero Boniperti, who was Juve’s top goalscorer until Del Piero passed him last month :)

I tried to find a video comp of the twenty something minutes he played but I failed. If anyone finds anything, paste it in the comments section, then I'll post up here. Also, Jorid put up a little gem of what went on in Vinovo today and some details about the Chievo game, here it is:

Official from Juve's website: Aqua is in doubt for the game against Chievo after he had to quit today's training session halfway through due to some slight pain on his right hip flexor. It's nothing serious and no lesions were seen in the tests he was put through but whether he will play will be decided tomorrow afternoon.

Claudio continues to train separately as he's still not fully fit. His availability is also in doubt for Sunday. Final evaluation for him tomorrow also.


-Oh and the Bentegodi pitch is expected to be in absolutely deplorable conditions too. Today, there was snow and 20 degree F weather in Verona.

It's going to be the perfect send-off game to a mess of a year for Juve.

P.S: Buffon is set to begin training with the rest of the squad on the 28th. OMG but he's leaving!!!