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Juventus v. Manchester City: What's So Funny?


The UEFA co-efficient formula I bet.

"It’s not true that we’ll only make young players play". Del Neri points out immediately that Juventus is not going to undervalue the challenge vs. Manchester City. Of course, the result does not matter, but it’s an important match anyway:

"Obviously, at this moment, the match in Chievo is more important to us, but we’ll try to play our part anyway, because we have the strength and the quality to achieve a good result and we’d like to win a match in this round".

Concerning possible line-up, the trainer gives some clues: "Grygera could be present and Legrottaglie will play for sure. He should, each Sunday. In midfield, Melo and Sissoko could be playing. Boniperti? He will be among called-ups and he, together with Giannetti, Camilleri, Buchel, Giandonato, may have the chance to play, maybe going on the pitch when the match has already started. We’ll see".

Independently of the result, vs. City it won’t be a simple match: "We are going to face a tough team, currently in second place in their League, with great players who are very well trained. We will need a hard Juve and it will be an enjoying match. The two teams have got nothing to ask of the result, but they’ll play a challenge worthy their names".

The adventure in Europa League was not positive, for all Italian teams: "Only Napoli is still on the run, it’s true, but our soccer is growing up. Has it been put back in its right perspective by this edition? I look at Juventus and we are out of it, but not put back in our right perspective".

"We have lost, but we made a good impression in Manchester, and in Poland, where we tried to win despite hazardous weather conditions. I think my team played a more than respectable Europa League, besides facing many matches in a “construction” moment".

Del Neri’s work, after the first months in which he had to start with a deeply renewed team, is showing its results and in fact, Andrea Agnelli gave credit to the trainer: "Compliments are always welcomed, especially the President’s ones, who I appreciate a lot and who is a leading figure for Juventus. It means he made a good choice and I’m happy to prove he is right. This is also thanks to players and to my collaborators. I’m not the only one to thank, many people are composing a united group who are committed daily for Juventus’ good".

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