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VotD: Birthday Legend

Not much can be said about Alessandro Del Piero that hasn't been said already. Today, the man who leads in almost every statistic our club has turns thirty-six. But whats more impressive than the records he holds, is the way he holds himself. He's a class act, and in today's world of sports stars, perhaps the last of a dying breed. From everyone here on this blog Ale, buon compleanno.

Birthday wishes from

Happy Birthday Captain!

Every day a new emotion, every day a new target. Alessandro Del Piero keeps on giving satisfactions to Juventus people and he keeps on crossing personal finish lines. Two days after the match vs. Cesena, in which he increased his presences to 650 (98 more that Gaetano Scirea) and he scored goal number 279 (exactly 100 more than Giampiero Boniperti), the Captain is ready to live another special moment, linked to his personal life. Today, Tuesday 9th of November, Alex is 36.

Birthday Thank You from Alessandro himself:

Thirty six… Dear friends, as you know this day is a special one for me. Already starting from now, I start thanking each and everyone who has already sent their wishes to me.

I don't know if you remember, but a year ago, right on this very day we announced the arrival of Today, 365 days later, we've come a long way. I'm really happy to have such a tool that helps me to communicate with you directly, i believe that it's the least I can do to somehow compensate for all the affection you show to me, even more so on a day like this one.

Ps. In the video section you'll find a surprise that was prepared for me: Lots of thanks to Stefano [my brother] and all the guys!!