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Gobble Gobble, Happy Thanksgiving

Here’s something to think about while you eye that turkey. Thirteen weeks into the 2010-11 Serie A campaign, Juventus sits in fourth place with twenty-three points. Our record thus far consists of six wins, five draws, and two loses. Now while it’s not entirely accurate to compare this squad with the squads of past seasons based solely on statistics, it does make for some interesting assumptions. Ideally, you’d need to evaluate the squads based on their overall play i.e. cohesiveness, body language, etc.. However let’s take a look at how Del Neri stacks up statistically thus far anyways.

Ranieri's 2007-2008:


Ranieri's 2008-2009:


Ferrara's, Zaccheroni's 2009-2010:


Del Neri's 2010-2011:

Del Neri

Now obviously looking at these figures one could assume that the 2009-2010 squad, who had quite an impressive start, would finish the year ahead of the rest. Alas, as we all know, nothing could be further from the truth. Injuries, lack of confidence, managerial incompetences all played a role that year which saw us crash out of Europe and finish seventh domestically. That season could almost qualify as a life lesson: it's not about where you start, but where you finish. On that cheesy note, Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. May you eat and drink way too much. Also, the new "It Ain't Over Till The Old Lady Sings" podcast is available to download here.

In this week's bumper episode we review the Genoa game, in which the Rossoblu's left-side post was an outstanding performer, troubling Marassi's scoreboard within 45 minutes more than Luca Toni has all year. We discuss individual player performances, our ever-adapting tactical system, and look in-depth at what the return of Superman Gigi Buffon could & should mean for the excellent Marco Storari.

Aaron takes us on the usual Europe wide tour of the Old Lady's exes, taking time & serious enjoyment (as always) from the latest face-palming appearance of Jonathan Zebina. Then, no self-respecting Juventino could last nearly an hour without a few jokes at the expense of our favorite manager, the one and only Rafael Benitez. The three of us are no exception, but while we laugh we also take a look on how Gigi Del Neri's arrival to Turin might have been facilitated by a Spanish-flavored smokescreen.

Saving the best for last, we discuss our quest for an Amauri replacement and the mouth-watering perspective of signing a certain (soon-to-be-ex) Blucerchiato on free transfer.