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Juventus Offside Meet & Greet

I think it was two years ago that we did the last "Meet & Greet" post, and we've had a lot of new readers/commenters join since then. So anyone (Juventini or otherwise) who posts on this blog is welcome to answer the following questions in the comments section, get to know each other a little bit better and maybe find out that there are fellow Bianconeri living in the same town.

#1- Where are you from? What nationality are you? Where are you living now?
#2- What do you do for a living? (Or what's your major, if you're a student) How old are you? (general time frame is fine if you don't want specific!)
#3- How did you become a fan of your team? When did you start following them?
#4- Who are your 3 favorite players of all time? Favorite player never to play for Juve? Who's the best player of all time?
#5- Who’s your favorite current Juventus player? Favorite former Juventino? Least favorite Juventino of all time?
#6- Favorite Juve moment? Least favorite Juve moment? Favorite sports moment of all time?
#7- Favorite music/movies/hobbies?
#8- Do you play footy yourself? If so, what position? What other sports do you like? What other teams (of any sports) do you like?
#9- If you're on Twitter, use the hashtag #Juveoffside in case we're not already following each other.