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PotD: The Next Captain



Italy Soccer Serie A


Attention Webster's dictionary: If you ever should put the word "Grinta" in your dictionary, a picture of Keyser Giorgio would suffice.

Two thoughts on today's game-
#1- Giorgio Chiellini must get a star on the Juve walk of fame someday.
#2- From Robee- A f*cking disgrace of a draw Risoli made possible when he gave a penalty for a futile handball when Totti's free kick was going kilometres over the bar and Pepe wasn't even looking at the ball. If you're still convinced it's a penalty... Ok then, it was fucking 48 min... when only 1 minute of added time was given. Dude...

Evidently, that's a penalty, but Mexes flying through Iaquinta and Marchisio being rugby tackled on the edge of the box aren't even worth a free kick.

Rizzoli must have seen the red shirts and assumed we were playing on Fergie Time.