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Interview Tidbits- Pepe, Quagliarella, Marchisio, and Aquilani Speak


Fabio speaks:

Fabio Quagliarella has lavished praise on Juventus, insisting that the club has made him feel like an important player again. The 27-year-old striker has scored six goals in 10 games for his new team following a summer move from Napoli. Interviewed in La Gazzetta dello Sport, Quagliarella said: “Today I feel important for this team. I had some problems in the beginning. I arrived late because of the World Cup and I need to be at my best physically to give my best.

“I play where the mister and the team need me. This is what comes first out of everything. “In any case, I am a second striker. I don't like playing with my back to goal. I prefer to be in the middle of the action, starting from distance.” When asked for his reaction to the compliments he has received from Gigi Del Neri, Quagliarella said: “They are great words. I want to thank him again. Every day he shows me with facts that he appreciates my play. There is no story with Del Neri: he plays who is best in form.”

I'm not a traitor to Napoli. Do you really want to hurt me more with this story? You say some real crap. For example, some said that I left because I couldn't stand the competition. But according to you, does one who fears competition go to Juventus? Then they said it was for money. Okay, I make the same salary as I did in Napoli, but the difference here is I have to pay for rent and for restaurants, seeing as I live alone and I don't know how to cook. A few weeks before the Juve move, Napoli had already decided to sell Russia. The thing I miss most about Napoli? The sea. The thing I like about Torino? The tranquility. I wish Napoli the best, to arrive as high as they can, as long as it's behind Juve.

The best quality of this Juventus? Humility, desire to sacrifice oneself, and a strong group, very strong. Is it all credit to Delneri? He knows what he's saying, he knows how create a team, he's a capable coach and a sincere and good man. I of course thing about the Nazionale a lot. Prandelli knows me well and I think I can give plenty more. After South Africa, I have a bitter taste left in my mouth, but I thank Marcello Lippi forever for having given me a World Cup to play at.


Claudio speaks:

Juventus midfielder Claudio Marchisio has pledged his allegiance to the club amid growing speculation about his future. The Italy international has yet to agree a contract renewal and although he is a first team regular and Turin born and bred some reports claim he could leave. Interviewed in Il Corriere dello Sport, Marchisio said: “I am satisfied to be tied to this club for many years and there is no hurry for a renewal. “It's my mistake that we have spoken a little too much about it this summer. Now I wait to discuss it calmly at the end of the season conscious that Juve believe in me and that I want to stay at Juve forever. “I left my agent but there is no resentment. Actually I would like to thank him again for having helped me grow and to understand many things about this world.”

Alberto speaks. Briefly.

I saw the Rome derby that Roma won, obviously...but now I play with Juventus, and I think about this team. The only derby that interests me is against Torino, which isn't in Serie A anymore so there isn't one..."

Pepe speaks:

From Tuttosport- Name: Simone. Surname: Pepe. Profession: Football player. Distinguishing feature? Cute smile. Why did you honk the horn of the Juventus bus like a madman after Brescia-Juve? "There was a car in front of us and I screamed "MOVE AWAY!" And a policeman got really pissed off. And I said "Relax, smile!" Dreams or nightmares that night? "I slept like a Pasha, I was very tired. Yes, there was a little bit of regret. The performance was "only sufficient" as we were unable to make the difference, bringing an important result home. But a point in itself isn't too bad, also because this weekend there will be 3 direct confrontations and there's the possibility to improve out situation.


Is suffering inevitable? "It's normal. Game's are tiring, but others get tired too. Injuries can happen to anyone, Milan lost Pirlo, Pato, and Inzaghi. For us, it's been traumatic issues for everyone, and some muscular issues. It comes from playing. Is playing Roma going to be special? "Obviously, because if I am here in one of the biggest clubs in the world, it's thanks to them, who brought me up. Me, Aquilani, De Rossi, D'Agostino, Bovo, Lanzaro, Amelia, Tulli. We were very strong, but we didn't win anything. And at 18, I left...but appreciation for the club remains as well as for Bruno Conti, who was fantastic.

You're from Albano Laziale, who does your family support? "My father Luigi is a Napoli fan, my brother Cristian is a Lazio fan. Now, including my mamma Antonella, they're all Juventini!. You had a few good free kicks. At Udine, it was sometimes my specialty, like goals against Torino and Palermo. But here they are already rather set, with Alex, what a hammer, boom boom. Alex, loan me your feet, we already have the same shoes! Then I'll kick them in. Are you surprised by the new squad? "The enthusiasm is there, which is normal when joining a new team. People like Grosso and Brazzo are to be applauded, they were on the fringes of the squad and they prepared themselves quickly- it wasn't easy, believe me. Your salary arrives regardless, but they have the desire to prove themselves.

You started as a striker, do you miss scoring? Will you celebrate if you score against Roma?" "Yes, no, maybe. But it interests me more that Juve wins. There are many strong players who can decide a match with heir play. Will I celebrate? Why shouldn't I? I never even played once for the first team. Who would you pick from Roma? Are you going to play as right back? "Mmm, I'd say Vucinic, if I had to pick one. And maybe Borriello. Right-back? I don't have a moustache or glasses, so who knows?Is Quagliarella a great player? He's a player for a great team, with a great personality. A world-class guy. 6 goals speak by themselves, and he's a playstation player. I would never try a volley from 50 meters out, yet he would!

Are you a taxi driver for Krasic? I know he often needs a ride. And he'd get to Vinovo anyways, probably by running...we started talking with gestures, then with Romanesco, since our English is rather poor. God knows what he thought I was saying. How is the Torinese Pepe? "I live downtown, near the Piazza San Carlo. [Good man] I like to stroll around the city. I'm often hanging out with Aquilani, Bonucci, and Storari. I like to watch movies sometime, only light ones though, the others make me bored. I have a girlfriend, Agnese. She's the sister of Daniele, my ex-teammate from Us Pavona.

If Juve win the Scudetto, would you dance with Delneri?" "I'd hold him close. He jokes a lot, even in training. And then he gets pissed off, like a beast." Like when he asks you to spread the play? Already! And I have responded to him, I'll re-do the field lines, because if I continue to go wide, I'll end up on the bench!