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Podcast: Episode Five- The Week From Hell That Went Pretty Well

Buon giorno a tutti.

Sorry for the delay in getting the podcast out. I was away on vacation this weekend, so we didn’t record it until Monday, and then I didn’t get it finished editing until tonight. In this podcast, we talk about the Manchester City and Inter draws, both very impressive and positive results to gain away from home, and then discuss Prandelli, Lippi, and man management within the Azzurri. We will be having a podcast next week, despite it being an international break, allowing us to perhaps focus on some other topics for discussion than just match reviews/previews.

As always, comments/criticism (and topics for debate next week) are encouraged, you can either post here or email us at juveshow [at] gmail (dot) com, please do, we really appreciate feedback.

Thanks all,

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