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Daily Dose: Oct 04th, 2010

It's international break time everyone. Wow, I hate these things. In any case, the team gets to hang out with their families for a while, eat some turkey, and then we’re back into it on the 17th of October against Lecce for the seventh round of Serie A. This gives us loads of time to discuss recent performances, how the team’s coming along, etc.. Aaron’s heliskiing in Copenhagen with Armin van Buuren’s first cousin, so we won’t have a proper recap on last night’s draw, instead, we’ll do a little recap of the news this morning.


♣ Nedved was at the game last night and he had this to say about Krasic’s comparisons with La Furia Ceca: “I don't know if Krasic is equal to me. It's up to you to say so. But he is a good player and this is very important”. I don’t know about you, but I want that guy in the dressing room before our games. In fact, so might Andrea.

♣ Del Neri speaks about the decision to use Marchisio on the wing, Quagliarella to start alongside Iaquinta, and his thoughts on the constantly improving defensive efforts of his men.

♣ Italy play Northern Ireland on Friday, and Prandelli speaks about possible personnel changes, certain tactical options, and his thoughts on Serie A at the moment.

♣ Fabio Capello thinks Lazio is going to challenge for a Champions League spot at the end of the year. Well if Hernanes stays healthy for thirty more weeks, than yes I concur. The kid is a fucking machine and is single-handedly the reason behind their success thus far. Now while I love watching the kid play, I will crush him if he interferes with Juventus’ CL spot. Mark my words. Anyways, check out this article debating Hernanes’ skills vs. Kaka's.

♣ Moggi doesn't like Fabio Baldini. This is total hilarity.