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Derby d'of The Universe

There's clearly a gap between the overall level of Inter and most teams around Europe, not just Juventus, and no Bianconeri suspects there won’t be one for at least another couple of seasons when speaking of our case specifically. That said, today’s Juventus certainly has the ability to take a game to any opponent and overwhelm them vis-à-vis limiting their time and space on the ball with loads of energy, and playing with a certain level of physicality. Or as Delneri puts it, "make them play badly".

Alas, those sorts of high octane efforts can never last an entire match. Now while the addition of Milos Krasic provides a constant offensive threat that does wonders to help improve our team’s balance, Juventus looked sincerely troubled when confronted by City’s quality on the ball for most of the match. At times, a tear trickles down the side of my face knowing that we can’t stack up to teams like City in that respect. But, we are who we are for now, and at least no one’s trying to hide that.

"The great intensity could be an important factor in this match [against Inter]. In the last few weeks, we played many matches, facing teams that make intensity their greatest quality and we held well and therefore the physical condition is optimal but it is clear that these matches depend also on the psychological factor. We must give the maximum with great intensity and will" -GDN

It’s all about controlled aggression with Juventus. Delneri knows we aren’t blessed with the most talented players in the world, but they’ve got heart dammit- trophy case loads of it. This Sunday our defense is obviously going to have their hands full with Eto’o and Milito, plus they’ll have to keep one eye on the elusive Sneijder as well. However, the word on the street is that Pandev, Samuel, and Zanetti aren’t playing so there goes one of Inter’s important wide threats, and one tireless utility man.

Their midfield starlet Coutinho, who had a promising performance in their recent 4-0 Werder drubbing, might also be a cause for concern although according to Johonna and La Gazzetta, Biabiany will start out wide on the left. Speaking of Johonna, she’s gone the extra mile and put together a little history lesson on the Derby d’Italia in all its glory, and not. So check it out if you’re bored. There are only so many Amauri highlight videos online. Speaking of Amauri, this morning's Gazzetta tips him to start alongside Iaquinta in attack, with Melo and Aquilani in center midfield.

In terms of our unavailable players, Delneri has for the first time in a while everyone at his disposal. Click here for the call-ups. Back in September I made the mistake of thinking we’d have to worry about our fitness levels after playing Lech Poznan three days before we traveled to Udinese. Well we all know what happened there don’t we? So this time around I expect to see a similar starting line-up to the one we did in Manchester, with the aforementioned exceptions. That’s all for now until the final whistle. Check the comments section for more information on streams, line-ups, etc. Enjoy Papai’s best to date.