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Guest Post: Milan Juventus - Against The Hypocrites

Milan Juve

The second half of the past decade has been mightily unkind to the greatest Italian club of all time. Our astounding success from the mid 90's onwards made Juve the envy of the footballing world. With great success, came great enemies - some honorable and some like Ephialtes.

We have a curious relationship with the two Milan clubs. As all Juventus fans know, the long lasting impotency of Inter Milan on the pitch was one of the prime reasons for the catastrophic debacle of 2006, when Juventus were unfairly relegated to the Serie B and two of our fairly won scudetti were revoked. Much water has passed under the bridge since then, and the trial at Naples every day shows us what a pathetic joke that affair was.

However AC Milan, the more successful of the duo, has developed a healthy rivalry (as much as it is possible among the two top teams of the country) over the years with Juventus, since the successes of the two clubs rarely overlapped each other. However recent events cast a different light on the situation. Only the most naive amongst us still believe that the fate of a football match is decided solely based on the happenings on the pitch. The systematic uproar against Krasic, from the moment that penalty was awarded against Bologna, shows how the enemies of Juventus manipulate the media against the club. It is almost as if our past successes have created a different set of rules applicable only to us. Calcio today is run by people who believe in casting the first stone.

Still, a champion fights against all odds. That is the style of Juventus - Never say die in the face of hell. We have an Agnelli as our president, our squad is one of the youngest in Serie A, our captain is the greatest Juventus player of all time, a certain blonde has become a director of the club, and we are finally playing some solid football after a gap of around 4 years. We have already shown what we can achieve at the San Siro against the usurpers, now let us show what we can do against the hypocrites.

Artwork & article by Ratul "Papai" Chakraborty