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PotD: More Of Your Artwork

Taking a step back from the unquenchable thirst for calcio that is Saturday’s big game against Milan, here’s the latest effort in the long line of Bianconeri artwork that you, the fans, have created and emailed to us recently, this time courtesy of Zaigham Burnley. Of course Aaron and I greatly appreciate the energy that some of you guys put into these things, and we encourage all of you tifosi out there to send them to that goes for written pieces and videos about our beloved Vecchia Signora as well.

Artistically speaking, the first wallpaper was inspired by this year’s away kit. The second was based on last year’s “sober” away colours. Both resolutions are 1280x960. To view the actual size of each, click here for the Italian flag version, and click here for the grey adaptation. In commemorating this event, I’ve created an account with the popular online hosting company ImageShack solely for the purpose of properly collecting, and distributing your Juventus artwork to the masses from now on.