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Podcast: Episode Eight- Milan? Legrottaglie’s Better Than They Are!

Following two disappointing draws the midfield rightly takes a bit of heat from us today, firstly for the abject performance in Salzburg & then for the poor wing play in Bologna. Also up for discussion is the best & worse of Milos Krasic, a Superman rescue act on Thursday followed by him taking the Pavel Nedved impression a little too far on Sunday, helpfully being replayed a million times over by Berlusconi TV - although we can’t imagine why.

Then comes the Milan preview (how’s THAT for a segway?), a look at how the two teams may line up, what tactics may suit Juve at San Siro, Aaron’s belief that Seedorf is powered by prune juice & the special “Welcome Back To Serie A” that Chiellini may have prepared for you know who.

Of course there are other topics up for debate, namely if Brescia are now an indoor football team thanks to Zebina…

Thanks for listening as always!
-Adam, Aaron, and Marco